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This song, ‘ASH,PASS' me,my brothers, ATL, GMK, have brought to you. we're a collective/family whatever you want to call it . Very passionate about this Hip-Hop,being, art of it all. Believing that everyone's a seed to something greater. Please reblog/spread wherever, don’t fuccin pass it on sum ” oh another tumblr rapper blah blah bullshit. I put my life in these songs, a peice of my story no matter how ” deep ” the song appears outright. See the multiple dimensions Layered in my very existence. A Piece of me.

Black/Brown boys,






It’s ok to be sensitive and vulnerable. It’s really ok.

Despite what these fucking Black/White Misandrist women tell you… you have the right to your emotions as any human does. Express yourself

It’s a black women that will call a man a bitch for being sensitive. White women are all for that shit, talking, and getting our feelings out.

Not all black women.

Did he really just say some shit like that?!!!

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